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Time & Attendance System Project FAQ

What is happening?

In April 2019, Local Government employees began using a new, online time and attendance system to manage their timekeeping, attendance and leave records.  

In October 2019, Albemarle County Public Schools employees will begin using the system.

In addition to several benefits that include improving the accuracy of records as well as the ability of employees to access their information on a real-time basis, the new system will be compatible with several existing systems, such as payroll, and the scheduling applications used by police, fire and rescue and by the school division for substitute teachers.  The company implementing the new system is Kronos, a nationally-recognized expert in this field, with extensive experience with many leading governmental and private sector organizations.​  

School Division employees will receive updates from the Division Compass, the employee news blog. 

How will this benefit employees?

 All Employees​
Hourly Employees
  • Accurate pay for the actual hours worked, protecting employees from underpayments
  • Multiple methods to easily record your time using computers, smartphones, etc
 ​Timekeeping Staff
  • Reductions in manual data entry into the payroll system from paper timesheets and leave slips since most data will transfer electronically, once approved
  • More time to focus on better, value-added work
  • Ability to review and approve leave requests online
  • Calendar views and reports related to employees’ leave balances, absence trends, and overtime



Why are we doing this?

  • Ensure employees are paid properly
  • Improve accuracy of time recording, overtime costs, and hourly payroll amounts that are currently subject to human error
  • Compliance with federal, state, and local regulations and policies associated with employee time, attendance, and leave administration
  • Decrease administrative burden through the automation of current manual and paper based processes
  • Empowerment of managers and leaders with real-time data and analytic tools to support strategic resource-allocation decision making
  • Real-time access for employees to their leave-related data via self-serve functionality.

Will there be testing?

  • We are currently testing system functionality for those departments and divisions that have not yet implemented.  

When will this project be completed?

  • ​​The Kronos Time and Attendance system went online and operational for local government employees on April 1, 2019.
  • In July 2019, 12-month Albemarle County Public Schools employees will begin using the system.
  • In August 2019, 10- and 11-month Albemarle County Public Schools employees will begin using the system​.

Will we receive training on the new time keeping system?

  • ​​Yes, all departments will receive training as part of the overall rollout of the system.  
  • Training will be available in multiple ways:  in-person classes, online classes/webinars, written documentation, and video clips.

How can I learn more?

  • ​This information page will be updated as we move through the system development.  In addition, you will receive periodic email updates about milestones such as testing and implementation.  If you have additional questions right now, please ask them using this email link, and of course, stay tuned here!​
  • Visit the the Time & Attendance Roles page