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Teacher Transfer Request

Teacher Transfer Request

Teachers who are currently under a continuing contract (tenured) and are interested in other teaching opportunities are welcome to apply for a transfer through June 14, 2019. Teachers on a Performance Improvement Plan or who will be on an active improvement plan for the upcoming school year are not eligible to apply for a transfer.  All other teachers are welcome to apply for jobs online as vacancies become available. 

Important items of note:
  • A web-based form (link below) has been created for submission of requests.  Human Resources will send your information to your current principal as well as your requested schools.  You may select up to three (3) schools.  You are welcome to apply online for as many positions as you wish; however, guaranteed screenings are limited to the three (3) schools you selected on the form.  Other principals may screen at their discretion.
  • Please ensure you select your endorsements correctly.  This information will be verified with the current VDOE licensure database.
  • In addition to completing this form, you must apply online for job vacancies in order to be eligible for consideration.  Job vacancies will be posted on our website. You should select the option to apply as an Internal Candidate (located on the top of the page) and indicate your status as a Transfer candidate (not RIF) on the application.  It is also recommended to sign up for weekly job alerts on the website.
  • Principals from your three (3) selected schools will contact you for a screening if you apply for a vacancy for which you are endorsed and you apply within the first three (3) days of the job posting, unless otherwise noted.
  • The deadline to submit this form is March 1, 2019.  Human Resources will send the information to principals shortly thereafter.  If you wish to make a change to your submitted information before March 1st, please contact your HR Generalist, Traci Brooks,  Elementary Schools & Instructional Support or Jennifer Weller Kim, Secondary Schools.  The information will not be changed after the deadline.
  • Guaranteed screenings will only be done if this form is submitted by March 1st. However, a teacher may apply for a transfer through June 14, 2019.

Click here to complete the Teacher Transfer Request Form