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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Dental and Medical Insurance

I have insurance coverage through the County, how long can I keep my child on my insurance plans?

I've recently enrolled for medical and/or dental coverage. When will I get my member ID cards?

My spouse was just hired at the County, do we get a discount on insurance?

Where can I find a doctor that is in our insurance network?

What are my vision benefits?

How do I add my spouse/child to my health plan?

General Benefits

How many hours per day must an employee work to be eligible for benefits?

How can I enroll in AFLAC?

What discounts do I get as a County employee?

How can I start a tax-deferred savings plan?

How do I access my five free counseling sessions as a County employee?


What is the leave policy if you have to appear in court as a witness and have a summons from the court?

How much sick leave do I earn per month?

Life Insurance

I am recently married and need to change the beneficiary on my life insurance policy. How do I do that?


Where can I find out what the codes and abbreviations on my paycheck stub mean?

I just received my first paycheck and notice that there are a number of miscellaneous deductions. Why?

When do I get paid?

How many checks will I receive?

Am I eligible for overtime or compensatory time?

I need to change my tax withholding. How do I do that?

If I request to have additional taxes withheld, will that amount be deducted from each paycheck?

I need a copy of my W-2 form. Where can I find that?


I want to retire at the end of this school year, but only if I can work part-time next school year. Can I be certain that I will be able to get part-time employment with the County in September?

If I decide I want to return to work for the County part-time, how does that affect my retirement benefits?

What if I want to substitute teach?

Can I return to work in the same school/department I worked in before I retired?

Can I work in the same job, but in a part-time capacity?

I understand that there needs to be a break in service of at least 30 calendar days before I can return to work for the County part-time. What if I retire at the end of a school year and return to work part-time at the beginning of the next school year?

If I return part-time, do I keep my sick leave?

If I return part-time working at least 50% time, is it true that my portion of the health insurance premiums will cost more than they did when I was full-time?

I know a teacher who retired and came back to teach part-time. She is working a 90% position. How many hours can I work before it is considered full-time?

I know a teacher who retired a couple of years ago and returned in a part-time position the following school year. However, she spoke with her principal before she retired to ensure she would have a part-time position when she returned in the fall. Why can't I do the same?

Teacher Licensure

What are the items required for license renewal?

  • 180 Recertification Points
  • No Master’s Degree — Individual must successfully complete at least one three credit college course in endorsement area content. Each college credit is worth 30 recertification points.
  • Child Abuse Certificate of Completion
  • Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel Proficiency Report Form (TSIP)
  • CPR, AED & EFA Training Certificate of Completion
  • Application for License Renewal (located at the end of the Virginia Licensure Renewal Manual)


How do I find out what activities count towards the required 180 points toward license renewal?

Who do I write the check to for my license renewal?

I would like to add an endorsement to my existing license, how do I add it, or find out if I am eligible?

I am interested in becoming a teacher. I hold a degree, but not for education, how do I find out what I need to do? Are there special programs for people who are "career switchers"?