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Required Notices

As an eligible employer, we are required to provide certain annual notices to our employees. This page contains those notices. These pertain to:

  • Medicare Part D: Albemarle County Schools and Local Government, Medical Plans Effective 10/1/15 This notice has information about your current prescription drug coverage with Aetna/Coventry and about your options under Medicare’s prescription drug coverage.  This information can help you decide whether or not you want to join a Medicare drug plan. 
  • Patient Protection Disclosure In addition to the medical plan information outlined above, National Health Care Reform includes important rights for all U.S. citizens.
  • Premium Assistance Under Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP):  If you or your children are eligible for Medicaid or CHIP and you’re eligible for health coverage from your employer, your state may have a premium assistance program that can help pay for coverage, using funds from their Medicaid or CHIP programs.  If you or your children aren’t eligible for Medicaid or CHIP, you won’t be eligible for these premium assistance programs but you may be able to buy individual insurance coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace.  For more information, visit
  • Medical Plan SBCs (Summary of Benefits Coverage) can be found on the medical plan web page.

You may request a paper copy of these notices at any time. Requests for these notices can be made by calling the Human Resources Department at (434) 296-5827


 Required Notices

2020 Certificate of Creditable Coverage.pdf2020 Certificate of Creditable Coverage
2020 COBRA Sample Notice.pdf2020 COBRA Sample Notice
2020 HIPAA Notices.pdf2020 HIPAA Notices
2020 Required Notices.pdf2020 Required Notices