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So, what is Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment is your ONE time of the year to verify your personal benefits information, make any changes you wish to your pre-tax medical and dental elections, enroll in a flexible spending account (FSA/Beneplus) and verify your personal information. See the FAQs page for important information about the November Open Enrollment period, including WHY you need to check your enrollment information annually.

If you wish to participate in one/both of the FSA/Beneplus accounts for the new FSA plan year (begins January 1st), you MUST enroll during Open Enrollment.  FSA/Beneplus contracts DO NOT roll from year to year – even if you have funds remaining in your FSA at the end of a plan year. If you do not enroll for the new plan year, you’ll still have access to any remaining funds from the previous year; however, you will not be able to contribute in the new plan year.  If you have questions or need more information, please contact Anngela Gibson at LD&B Benefits Administrators:  540-437-1462 or

Remember! Open Enrollment is only available November 1st through November 15th, so please be sure to make changes to/verify your address, benefits elections, and dependent DOB and SSN during that time.

If you miss this window of opportunity, the only changes you will be able to make to your current pre-tax benefit elections will be in conjunction with a "qualified event" like marriage or the birth of a child.

During Open Enrollment you can:

  • verify personal/dependent information (required for all benefits-eligible employees)

  • select a different medical/dental plan option

  • drop your current medical and/or dental policies

  • enroll yourself and eligible family members in our medical/dental plans

  • cancel coverage for a currently enrolled family member

  • enroll or re-enroll in a medical and/or dependent care reimbursement account (FSA/Beneplus)

  • join the Sick Leave Bank (enrollment form must be submitted with a statement from your physician of your current state of health)

Any changes you make to medical/dental or FSA/Beneplus elections during the Open Enrollment period DO NOT go into effect until the start of the new plan year (January 1, 2020). 

What's New for 2020?

  • No change to our medical or dental plans

  • No change to our medical or dental monthly premium rates

  • Medical FSA (Flexible Spending Account) - annual maximum contribution for 2020 is $2,750 (this applies to both the regular and Limited Purpose medical FSAs)

  • Dependent Care FSA - annual maximum contribution for 2020 is $5,000

  • HSA (Health Savings Account)

    • NEW: MONTHLY employer HSA contributions beginning January!
    • Individual annual maximum contribution for 2020 is $3,550*

    • Family annual maximum contribution for 2020 is $7,100**

*Available only to employees on the Albemarle Choice (high deductible) plan
**Available only to employees on the Albemarle Choice (high deductible) plan who cover one or more dependents on the plan

Premium Rates for 2020
(no change):


Please review plan information for MEDICAL and DENTAL.

Summary of Options for the 2020 Plan Year:

Dental options.jpg

Want to learn more about the Consumer Driven (high deductible) plan?


Now that you know how the Consumer Driven (high deductible) plan works, learn more about the Health Savings Account HERE.

Comparing Out of Pocket Costs:


How can I learn more about my options for next year?

Check out our recorded presentation below. 

phone ringing.pngYou may be familiar with our partners in Wellness, MedExpert, from our recent health screening campaign, but did you know that MedExpert can also assist you with questions you may have about understanding the differences between our medical plan options and how to use them? This service is available to you at no charge. MedExpert's staff is standing by at 1-800-999-1999, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m., Eastern Time.

How can I get help with Open Enrollment?

Group Info Sessions:

  • Tuesday, November 5th, 11:30am - 12:30pm, COB McIntire Room 235

  • Wednesday, November 6th, 11:15am - 12:15pm, COB 5th Street Room A

  • Thursday, November 7th, 5:00pm - 6:00pm, COB McIntire Room 235

Walk-in consultations will be available in the Human Resources Department on Monday through Friday from 10am-2pm (COB McIntire, Room 125) on a first come, first-served basis.

Prefer to schedule a time to meet? Appointments available Tuesday - Thursdays from 10am to 3pm.  Call us at 296-5827 or email to schedule.

Need a quick question answered? Email us at 

Want to learn more about your options?

Medical and Dental:Information_icon.PNG

Plan summaries are available for download on both the Medical and Dental webpages. You'll find them under the "Documents" section.

Premium rate sheets are also available for download on both the Medical and Dental webpages. You'll find them under the "Documents" section.

If you are part-time (50% to 69%), you may use the Insurance Premium Estimator to calculate your rates.

Who is eligible for coverage on our medical and dental plans?

  • Employees in regular positions who work at least 50% part-time

  • Eligible* dependents:

    • Your spouse (to whom you are currently, legally married) who does not have access to affordable medical coverage under his/her own employer (See Below)

    • Your natural children, children of your current spouse, legally adopted children, or those for whom you have legal custody/guardianship (including eligible foster children) under the age of 26

    • Certain disabled dependents over the age of 26 (subject to eligibility criteria) 

Spousal eligibility:
Spouses who have access to “affordable” medical coverage that provides "minimum essential value" under their own employer’s plan pouses who have access to “affordable” medical coverage that provides "minimum essential value" under their own employer’s plan are not eligible for coverage on our medical plan*. The only spouses are eligible for coverage on our medical plan next year are those who:

  • Do not have access to “affordable” coverage that provides “minimum essential value” through their own employers (see explanation below); or

  • Are spouses who are employed by Albemarle County Schools or Local Government divisions

Please note that this does NOT apply to our dental plan, to any eligible dependent children you wish to cover on your medical plan, or spouses who are Medicare-eligible and do not have other employer coverage.
How do I figure out if my spouse has "affordable" medical coverage? Please visit our affordability calculator here.
Check with your spouse’s employer to determine if their employer-sponsored coverage meets the "minimum essential value" standard. If either the affordability standard OR the minimum essential value standard is not met, your spouse remains eligible for coverage on the Albemarle County Plan.

*Please contact the Human Resources Department if you have a question about dependent eligibility.

2020 Flexible Spending Account (FSA/Beneplus):

  • Elections should be based on anticipated expenses incurred January 1 – December 31, 2020

  • Health Care balances up to $500.00 will carryover from one plan year to the next (however, you must make new elections in the on-line Open Enrollment system to continue contributing into an FSA for the 2020 plan year)

  • Dependent Care grace period to incur services will be 2 ½ months; dependent care services may be incurred January 1, 2020 – March 15, 2020

  • The run‐out period to turn in claims for reimbursement will be as follows:

    • Health Care & Limited Purpose Health Care run‐out period ends April 30, 2021 (120 days)

    • Dependent Care (day care) grace period ends March 15, 2020 and the run-out period ends May 15, 2021

  • For the 2020 calendar plan year, the maximum elections will be:

    • Regular Medical FSA & Limited Purpose FSA maximum: $2,750.00

    • Dependent Care (day care) maximum: $5,000.00

Please visit the Flexible Spending Account page to learn more about flexible spending accounts.

Long Term Disability Insurance:

If you did not enroll during your initial enrollment opportunity, you can still enroll in this coverage. For information about Long Term Disability insurance through The Hartford, please visit the Long Term Disability page.  Enrollment forms must be returned to the Human Resources Department.  Please DO NOT submit enrollment forms directly to The Hartford, as they will be returned to you without processing.

Other Benefits Information of Interest:

Need Assistance?

Help! I got to the Open Enrollment log-in page, but I can't log in:

To enter the system, you will need to:

  • Check the box that says "By checking this box, I confirm that I have read and understand these instructions"

  • Enter your Last Name (as it appears on your paycheck)

  • Enter the last 5 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN)

If this is your first log-in to the system this year, do not enter a password; you'll be prompted to create a new one once you've logged in.

Help! I am trying to add my spouse on my medical and dental plans, but the system won't allow me to save the changes. What do I do?

  • Verify that you picked employee plus spouse (or family) in the rate selection section (the number of dependents listed must match the plan level selected)

  • Verify that you entered the spouse information in the dependent section

If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, if you have questions about Open Enrollment and your benefits options, or if you need assistance with the online Open Enrollment system or requests for written Open Enrollment information, please call the Human Resources Department at (434) 296-5827 or email