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Dental Insurance

Albemarle County employees can choose from two dental insurance options -- Basic or High -- through Anthem’s Complete Dental Network. Dental coverage is available for the employee, their spouse and dependent children under age 26.  The plan year runs from October 1st through September 30th.
Both the Basic and High plans provide 100% of allowable costs for diagnostic and preventive care to include:
·         100% of allowable costs for diagnostic and preventive care (including oral exams, x-rays, and two cleanings in a 12-month period)
·         80% of allowable costs for other basic services - after meeting a deductible of $25 (Basic Plan) or $50 (High plan). 
In addition, the High Plan also provides:
·         Sealants - 80% of allowable costs
·         Crowns and implants -  60% of allowable costs (for enrollees over age 12)
·         Orthodontics - 50% of allowable costs (for dependents under age 19)
Want to learn more? A dental benefits summary is available for download in the "Dental Documents" section of this page. 
Coverage is effective the 1st of the month following your date of hire and your first month is paid for by the County!
Dental Rates
(Full-Time Employees)
Plan Option
Employee  + Child
Employee + Spouse
Employee + Family
For COBRA, Retiree, Career Leave, and Leave of Absence rates, please see rate documents in the "Dental Documents" section.
If you are part-time, you may use the Insurance Premium Estimator to calculate your rates.
County Spouses
Two married benefits-eligible Albemarle County employees qualify for reduced or free health coverage! Please inform HR in order to receive your discount.
Who is eligible for coverage on our dental plan?
We offer dental coverage to regular employee who work at least 50% of the full time schedule for their position (e.g., full-time teachers work 7.25 hours per day; a part-time teacher would need to work at least 3.63 hours per day to be eligible for medical/dental coverage. Definition of eligible dependents:
·         Your spouse (to whom you are currently, legally married)
·         Your natural children, children of your current spouse, legally adopted children, or those for whom you have legal custody/guardianship (including eligible foster children) under the age of 26
·         Certain disabled dependents over the age of 26 (subject to eligibility criteria)   

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Dental Links
 Insurance Premium Calculator
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Dental Documents

2020 Dental Side by Side Comparison.pdf2020 Dental Side by Side Comparison
Anthem Dental Benefits Summary - High Plan.pdfAnthem Dental Benefits Summary - High Plan
Anthem Dental Benefits Summary - Low Plan.pdfAnthem Dental Benefits Summary - Low Plan
Anthem Dental Enrollment Form.pdfAnthem Dental Enrollment Form
Anthem Dental Guide.pdfAnthem Dental Guide
Anthem Dental Maintenance Form.pdfAnthem Dental Maintenance Form
Rates  - Active VERIP Retirees.pdfRates - Active VERIP Retirees
Rates  - COBRA, Retirees, Career Leave, LOA.pdfRates - COBRA, Retirees, Career Leave, LOA
Rates - Active Employees.pdfRates - Active Employees


Contact Information

Anthem:  1-866-956-8607 

Human Resources:
Phone: 434-296-5827
Email:  Benefits