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Deferred Compensation

Deferred Compensation/Tax Sheltered Annuities

This program allows employees to save for retirement, reduce taxable salary, and earn tax sheltered interest via monthly payroll deductions.  Local Government employees may enroll in the 457 program only, while school employees may choose either a 457 or a 403(b) company. 
To begin contributing, please contact the vendor of your choice to enroll.  Once your account is set up, please complete the "403b Payroll Reduction Authorization Form" and submit directly to Payroll.

Deferred Compensation (457) Plan (All Employees)

To open a 457 account, please contact one of the Nationwide representatives listed below.  Representatives are usually on-site (COB McIntire) from 11am-5pm every other Monday. They also hold appointments at COB-5 on a quarterly basis. To check availability and schedule an individual appointment please click here 
Thompson card.JPGRobinette card.JPG

403(b) Companies (School Employees ONLY)

In addition to a deferred compensation (457) plan, School Division employees also have the option of choosing one or more of the following 403(b) companies.  To open an account, please contact the vendor directly.  Once your account is set up, please complete the "403b Payroll Reduction Authorization Form" and submit to Payroll.
AGI Retirement Services (VALIC), 1-800-426-3753 (Group ID: 04206)
American Funds/Capital Guardian Trust Company, 1-800-421-0180 (Group ID: 646914752)
Ameriprise Financial (Group ID: 101387)
AXA Advisors, 540-809-2936 (Group ID: 007310
Fidelity Investments, 1-800-343-0860 (Group ID: 89512)
GWN Securities, 1-866-425-7991
Horace-Mann Life Insurance Company, 1-800-999-1030 (Group ID: 45345)
National Life Group, 410-714-2794 (Group ID: 13A) 
Lincoln Investment Planning, Inc., 1-800-242-1421 (Group ID: 5035-1)
Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, 1-877-275-5462 (Group ID: GP00790)
MetLife Resources, 1-800-638-5433 (Group ID: 0043860)
Oppenheimer Funds, 1-800-470-0862 (Group ID: 49693)
Plan Member Financial Service, Bruce Allen, 1-800-621-3863 (Group ID: 803006157)
Security Benefit Group, 281-357-8788 (Group ID: O17772)
T. Rowe Price Trust Company, 1-800-492-7670
USAA Investments, 1-800-531-8292 (Group ID: 3186144)
Vanguard Funds, 1-800-522-5555 (Group ID: 10086367)
Virginia Retirement Specialists, Inc. (Mid-Atlantic Capital Corporation) (Group ID: AD000121)
VOYA Financial (Group ID: VT3596)


 TSA/Deferred Comp Documents

403b Payroll Reduction Authorization Form.pdf
Nationwide 457 Brochure.pdf
Nationwide Application.pdf
Nationwide Asset Consolidation.pdf
Nationwide Beneficiary Change Form.pdf
Nationwide Long-term Benefits of Deferred Compensation.pdf
Nationwide Payroll Authorization Form.pdf
Nationwide Schedule 2019.pdf
Nationwide Term Pay Flyer.pdf
TSA Transaction Routing Request Form.pdf


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